Wellness & Beauty centers in Brussels

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : unwind in the heart of the European quarter

Aspria Arts-Loi is a prestigious wellbeing centre located in the heart of the European quarter in Brussels.

The luxurious facilities and expertise of the wellbeing specialists can give you:

- spa, hammam, Jacuzzi, sauna, pool…
- massages (hot stones, shiatsu, reflexology...)
- endermology
- facial and body treatments for men and women
- spa days

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : a wellbeing hideaway in a green setting

The prestigious club Aspria Royal La Rasante, located at Woluwe, welcomes your family with amenities dedicated to beauty and wellbeing. 

- spa, hammam, Jacuzzi, sauna, pool, 
  relaxation room…
- massages (hot stones, shiatsu, reflexology… )
- endermology
- facial and body treatments for men and women
- laser hair removal
- spa days

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : wellbeing and beauty in a luxurious setting

Aspria Avenue Louise is a wellbeing club which offers an experience for your body and mind, far from the noise of the city:

- spa, hammam, Jacuzzi, sauna, relaxation room…
- massages (Thai, shiatsu, reflexology…)
- spa therapists
- facial and body treatments for men and women
- endermology
- pool

It all adds up to a truly exceptional club.


private sauna in brussels louise
Discover this private space designed for your wellness in one of the most luxurious avenues of the city. Whether you want to be alone with a friend, a member of your family or a lover or with several friends, you will have access to a sauna, a jacuzzi, massage... in the best conditions.

Tel : 0471 54 08 90


Enjoy a relaxing moment in this spa located in a prestigious area in Brussels, next to Place Louise. The Lys Spa offers you the possibilty to privatise the relaxing space.
Tel : 0489 / 10 00 48

MK Beauty - Brussels

This beauty salon located in Brussels suggests you several high quality cares : manicures, depilation, massages, etc. Trust these beauticians, who guarantee you excellent results. Make an appointment with qualified professionals in this relaxing atmosphere.

LOVINA - wellness spa in Brussels

Lovina Spa counts numerous facilities for your relaxation. Benefit from the diverse services that this wellness spa in Brussels offers. You can choose among other things massages and body cures, but also spend time in their hammam and sauna before going for a drink in their bar.
Tel : 02 / 420 0300

Do you own a a beauty centre in Brussels?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

Why you should add spa to your beauty routine?

Often, beauty centres offer additional services to the several skin and nails cares offered by the beauticians. You could benefit from a massage or a relaxing time in the sauna or the hammam and that would be a great idea.

Indeed, hydromassage provided by a bath in a jacuzzi offers a kind of massage that will release the pain in your body whether it has been a stressful day or you have been working out hardly. Also, it is known to stimulate the production of endorphins. Combined with aromatherapy, it can really help clear the mind.

These benefits last several days. Tiredness has a negative effect on your appearance : your skin seems drier and fragile. So thanks to a relaxing time, you will appear less exhausted, your skin more luminous and revitalised. Do not forget either that stress is known to have a negative impact on the health of your hair. It can appear dull or dry, or even an important loss.

Also, if you'd rather benefit from a manual massage, there exist special one that are designed to make disappear the cellulite and reduce the discomfort of heavy legs.

Information published on the page Brussels Golden Places / Wellness and Beauty.

Wellness & beauty centres in Brussels

On this page, you will find links leading to the websites of prestigious wellness & beauty centres in Brussels that offer massages, body treatments, facial care, thalasso therapies… for both men and women. Discover also our offers Manicure Brussels and Beauty center Brussels. The list also contains luxury spa institutes where you will have bath towels, bathrobes and toilet bags at your disposal for a comprehensive service. The vast majority of them has its own hot tubs as well as private hammam and sauna. Find more institutes in your own area on this website : Soin Visage Liège.

Very often, swimming pools have a wellness space where you can at least find a hot tub. This is a good way to release the tensions after a long workout and prevent the muscle soreness that may appear. Nevertheless, you may have to share the jacuzzi with people you don't know. That is why it is interesting to rent a private spa. If we often think to wellness retreats, it is entirely possible to book a space for you and a friend, a member of your family or your partner and spend just a few hours together in a quiet place. You don't even have to get out of town, since there are several of those luxury spas in Brussels.

Spa, thalasso- and balneotherapy: what difference?

Spas, short for "spa resort", are common in town and offer diverse services for your wellness and relaxation. It begins with facial, back or legs massages. There are often sauna and hammam rooms and a beauty institute with traditionnal treatments (depilation, manicure, etc.).

Balneotherapy uses fresh water and essential oils in all kind of cares: thermal shower, mud bath and massages. Laden with diverse minerals, those waters nourish deeply your skin.

In contrast, thalassotherapy consists in a series of treatments with the help of saltwater and other substances originated from the sea suh as seaweed, sand, mineral salts and oligoelements.