Luxury Hotels in Brussels

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE (Woluwe) : prestigious ‘Club Rooms’

Much more than a hotel, Aspria Royal La Rasante is a sports and wellbeing club offering 19 rooms and suites in a lovely, green setting in Woluwe.

As a guest in one of the Club Rooms, you have access to the pool, fitness facilities, tennis and spa with sauna, Jacuzzi, hammam and treatment rooms.

You can also take advantage of the restaurant and sunny terrace.


salon de la suite d'hôtel
Just a few meters away from the famous Grand' Place de Bruxelles, this hotel welcomes you in a splendid building. A valet parking, a comfortable lounge bar and a quiet restaurant are among their services.


If you want to benefit from the services of an impressive and well located 4-star hotel, discover this one! You have access to all commodities and equipment: Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV and indoor pool.Have an excellent stay thanks to the luxurious pillow-top mattress, 24-hour room service and so on.
Tel: 02 / 505 29 29



chambre équipée
Benefit from a full-service in the several suites of this 5-star hotel located in the centre of the city. You will have access to a large amount of services like the bar, the restaurant and the fitness infrastructures.

Royal Windsor Hotel

Royal Windsor Hotel
Elegant and sophisticated, the five-star Royal Windsor Hotel Grand Place Brussels boasts the best location in Brussels, just off the world-famous Grand Place. 
To discover absolutely!

Do you own a hotel in Brussels?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

The best hotel for the best holidays

If you are planning a trip to Brussels and want to make the most out of it, you certainly want to find a comfortable place to spend your nights. Find a list of starred hotels where you can be sure to benefit from the best quality services. But do you know how the stars are awarded? What can you expect from those hotels according to their category? Find some answers here.

Until recently, the three Belgian "Communautés" were responsible for the ranking that goes up to 5 stars. That system was not practical, since you could have the same number of stars for hotels of different standings or, in the opposite, a different number of stars for two hotels that look exactly the same and provide the same services because it was awarded by different "jurys". In order to harmonise this and help customers to have a clearer overview of what they can expect, a new ranking has been determined. Now, the system is the same in the whole country and stars are awarded when the hotel fulfils a certain number of obligations.

Moreover, Belgium has now joined 15 other European countries in their attempt to provide a uniform classification in the Union. This evaluation grid contains 270 criteria, which include the size of the room and the quality of the equipment and pieces of furniture, the cleanliness, the number of services provided as part of the customer's experience, the professionalism and availability of the employees, and so on. Authorities have nothing to do with this initiative since the competence is left at the regional level and hotels are, therefore, free to follow it or not.

Information published on the webpage Brussels Golden Places / Luxury Hotels.

Have a good stay in Brussels!

The list here above is a selection of some of the most famous and comfortable hotels in Brussels. They offer most of the time the same all-inclusive service with all the facilities you can expect to spend the best holidays ever whether you are alone, with your loved one or with your family. There are also several rooms and facilities especially designed for business trips.

In the selection of our partner hôtels à Bruxelles, you will find a series of nice hotels in different areas of Brussels. If you would rather have your independence, you may be interested in the aparthotels where you can also book a room just for one day or for an entire week.

What kind of room you should book?

Here is a list of the suites you can expect in your hotel:

  • Standard suite: very similar to an apartment with separate bedrooms, bathrooms and accommodations;
  • Junior suite: it is a smaller kind of suite, but fully equipped;
  • Residential suite: it is recommended for longer stays since it also has a kitchen and a ding room;
  • Executive suites are designed to welcome businessmen while they are travelling abroad for professional missions. It includes quiet and comfortable rooms where they can receive your potential partners or clients;
  • Presidential (or Royal) suites are the most luxurious places to rent with the best accommodations; it is particularly spacious and highly equipped with additional services (limousine, butler, chauffeur, etc.).

Do not hesitate to ask for the type of services you will access while staying in the hotel. Some have their own bars and restaurants while others may offer you relaxation treatments in their wellness area.

A few characteristics of a luxury hotel

The main difference with a simple hotel is the size of the room. Nowadays, the vast majority of the services include an access to the Wi-Fi and a television. Nevertheless, when you book in a high standing building, you expect more space. These are even part of the requirements to receive "stars". Every room must have a minimum surface of 13,5m² if they expect a reward.

You should also find more sheetbeds and cushions in case you need them. The bedrooms are cleaned every day and the cleaning service may change your towels on a daliy basis. More often, the reception asks if it is necessary at the beginning of your stay in order to reduce waste for ecological reasons.

The places with the most luxurious service even have their reception open 24h/24 to help their customers at any time of the day and of the night. It is also required to have an elevator in the building.