Luxury shops for women

MAYERLINE - Etterbeek

mayerline my fit jacket
This store sells ready-to-wear clothes for women. In its 7 boutiques in Brussels, Mayerline shows colections of items for every woman.

Find your right fit in coulourful dresses, pants, cardigans and t-shirts from size 38 to 50. Choose in those refined collections for a classic and timeless style.

The brand even developed the "My Fit" program to create clothes that value body shapes from size 40 and over.

BELLEROSE - Brussels (Louise)

bellerose's display window
Born in Knokke, the concept of this clothes store is inspired by American drugstores. Their boutiques offer several collections of clothes for women as well as other kind of items.

- new outfits : dresses, shirts, jackets, pants...
- all kinds of accessories
- bags
- sneakers

Visit one of their 5 stores in Brussels to find your new style and benefit from the advice of the sales consultants to find the right size and shape.

COTÉLAC - Brussels

mannequin prenant la pose
Located in a prestigious area, this luxury ladies' fashion shop in Brussels presents new collections for each season. You will find modern clothes with creative patterns for women of all shapes and styles.

ICON SHOP - Brussels

ICON SHOP - Brussels
This store located in Brussels sells fashion brands : Isabel Marant, Paul & Joe, Humanoid... Make your choice between all these design models.

Shops for luxury fashion in Brussels

There are some areas in Brussels when you may find several boutiques that sell luxury clothes and other kind of goods (antiquities, refined foods and jewellery, for example). The most well-known is probably Avenue Louise with its many shops, but the centre of Brussels with the famous Galeries Saint-Hubert and Le Sablon is also a nice place to go.

A few luxury items and how to wear them

If you want to enjoy a nice piece of clothes from your favourite brand in your everyday life, here are some tips on what items you could choose and how you could wear them in the most fashionable way:

  • The classic trench coat: for winter or autumn, this long, often beige, jacket with big buttons is always elegant and suits a large variety of styles, from formal to casual. Wear it with a pair of jeans and a simple shirt for a daily look, or with tight pants for work. It can also be styled with a dress and high heels.
  • A cashmere sweater: this type of wool is a high-quality fiber that feels soft to your skin, is very light and warm at the same time. Again, you can wear it with jeans, a short or a skirt. Choose it a bit ample in order to be at ease.

More directions for luxury items in Brussels

If you need advice, you may have a look at our list to find good places to go and shop.

NATAN - Ixelles: Are you looking for unique items? This Belgian designer creates high quality and super trendy clothes for women. You will find jackets, tops, trousers and dresses with special patterns and cuts. The workshop creates an infinity of variations to please every customer with a tailor-made product. Avenue Louise 158. Tel: 02 647 10 01.